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The retreat left to stream instantly. Therefore, my face a smile as the old mouth, provocation against the person behind said. “Oh, to be a good caretaker.”
saying this I have entered the inner courtyard of Alex’s.
thing that catches my eye sight and no battle heavily guarded, and no one there, a rockery, with flowers and trees around, nothing more. Quiet little courtyard of the screen as homely quiet, but I know there is not only that, I will not speak of trees planted to follow the rules of the five elements of gossip, even in front of the stone road should have required step wrong, all disks are lose. There are obvious signs of moving rocks beneath
front, it seems that Lan had into it.
I counted a total of eleven next step, every look the same, but the bottom lines but has bad days to do. Not even the layout seems to think of something. Shengxue Palace collection can cover astronomy, geography, Qi Men Dun Jia, Wulin Qi science, medicine Poison is also fine, but I am also very fortunate to read books. For me, breaking up is not difficult.
But …… if according to this method, but you can reach the soil of the land in front of the rock group, but …… where the soil does not footprints. With only slight friction on the ground. Could it be I’m wrong?
right to Lan skill, perhaps you can directly go, but the trail is not in the front, then only …… in the rear of.
Sure enough, I walked over, there is the same stone, the same layout, just one more than the previous level, so you can say pass, that grind marks from the rear of the launch.
walked five into one, each one representing the Five Elements in a position, but in the middle of a hollow afraid ……
observer terrain around me carefully, step by step forward, did not have the slightest careless. Want to stand together shoulder to shoulder and Lan highest peak of the world, must be the most experienced, and I have fame or fortune.
standing on the last stone, it is a glimpse of a very straight wall, did not imagine so hard, just a little exertion, you can push.
appeared in front of a deep tunnel, the front reveals a hint of light, and not as dark imagination. I have no hesitation into the walls around the glowing humid water vapor, as well as giving it the blue moss, also reveals a deep musty smell. Like the old deep house, hidden inside a secret forever buried underground.
tunnel deep, surrounded by torches can lighting, but always felt a strange place oozing chill in my heart plush feel. My travels fast, but also careful with every move, so there can not be a scene of the ordinary, but Xu Fuchu certainly has a major treasure, has allowed himself to seize Lan.
leading to where I do not know, or what will be dangerous for me, there is only one faith sustained me in front of my Lan.

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seventieth chapter of cooperation

night ink has smoothly into underground palace, each through a place, will put on the wall torches lit, he has severe obsessive, this damp places, always make him uncomfortable.
“pops ……” He has sensitive hearing, rapid footsteps, to where they came.
how will others? Mexican night slowed down and finally stopped, looked at the corner of that, he wanted to see who would and he has the same idea. He emerged murderous eyes, stood cold.
footsteps getting closer, almost can hear each other shortness of breath, it looked like a falcon prey imminent. First appeared red, dark fire, but enough to illuminate the eyes of the people.
night ink surprised, where spent a full standing for several minutes, for Yan Liu appeared unexpected. Since embracing Tanabata night hot body, sweet flavor surrounded been a long time in front of the people have not seen the child, with a night of extreme happiness, or even the next night are infected with the Acacia, her desire to see more such as drug addiction, he does not disturb sleep. But now he was not happy.
“go back.” has an unusual serious look, this is the first and only time, so he snapped a loved one. Once lost wrong, so he’s full of doubt, the ability to protect her? As long as she is in a safe place, as long as I paved the way for her, she just did my little princess on it.
But this snapped, and did not let my footsteps stopped, I know Lan worry. Previously also because of my own powerlessness Lan will leave, when once again the reunion, I have been trying, killings, bloody, and I thing that is not connected to the original world, where I live, I just want to have with him , join the world.
I walked around Lan, pulled his hand into his eyes is always so gentle, patting the back of the tender.
“Come on.” This is the only word, let people know what to do around quiet a lot.
Lan seems some do not worry, grasping my hand tightly, they have a one, or always overbearing; “can not leave me.”
I stared into his eyes, as if to my mind is passed to him, “death does not leave.”
just a few words, including the commitment of my life, perhaps out of Alex, still recall as before, he was the main palace of the night, I returned to San snow palace, separated in two places, similar to the addiction, but only this moment, I just want to make the most of his promises.
our hands have been pulled in to the palace, there is the sound of our breathing footsteps are so harmonious.
“What is it?” came such a long way to finally have a barrier, just a Shimen, without any decoration
“Millennium Darksteel done, the average person can not open.” just a touch of the night dumping Lan said, does not seem too much ups and downs.
calm look at him, I am more addicted, he is part of beauty, more important is leisurely, the attitude of doing things is not scared, more like a magnet, knowing it will attract everyone.
he did not broke away my hand, just put a heavy hand slowly pushed Darksteel, heavy sound like old opened the seal sleeping years of history. Design also really good intentions here, has a highly intelligent person, perhaps through a rockery, but no profound internal forces to support, just open this door is difficult to master. Unfortunately, my Lan different from all directions. Inside
underground palace was more dust all over, Lan fire torches in their hands around a core fire inside the coal lamps were all lit, lit up the whole place.
fire lights above has a freakin zodiac Zodiac, a total of twelve, while the center of the hall is a piece of open ground in the middle of a square white laying.
“What perception?” hard to get deep Lan changed the appearance of the eyes with a little hope.
He and I laugh, perhaps the person who made the underground palace and the palace is a holy snow or snow palace holy book covers all the world, the layout here is obviously Fighters in doctrine.
“raw door Liubing together six small, this is the day to escape from the seasons, life and death relative, according to the four cardinal points of the points, and said
in that, the southeast. “I pointed toward the Zodiac, even around here closed, it is easy to produce the illusion of translocation, the bit arrangement of the zodiac into shape already informed position requires.
Lan smiling at each other, nothing at all. Yes, as I said, clutching my Lan, fearing there have been any accidents, according to the grid space, traveling southeast, the designated space walk.
very smoothly, doors to students is among the five elements, the middle position. However, surrounded by a wall and there is no figure of authority dark button.
“how could this be?” fair to say that our approach is correct and does not touch any period of authority. But there is no more indepth approach.
“Hold me.” dumping Lan night I picked up a single hand, and my hand tightly buckle on his neck, almost like a koala like to hang on him.
use dodge, flew to the roof level, hands a delay, a faint light shining chains torn down. Followed by a day the door opened.
“go.” Lan propped roof with one hand, one hand clinging to my body. Without any hesitation, the fastest climb. I believe that Lan strength.
after I climbed, Lan will quickly come up, without any difficulty.
above the bottom, like a secret compartment presence here does not have any secret operation, but the cross and white
intersection, it is more blinding.
shoulder to shoulder, just choose the one, maybe two people will start faster, but we have promised, and leave this life.
this road, or the like, as long as the original, no traps, stab in the back, too ride my heart even more uneasy.
“eat it.” Although we take over Dragon fruit, vulnerable to the attack, but there is no medicine for Mi efforts to resist it. I am ready to achieve a pill we have to take, just in case.
Lan very consciously progressive latch onto my finger in his mouth, but also selfless licked. Kind of laugh, really Qianbian ah.

not write this Wenwen ah, tangled ah, finally thought of these words,

seventyfirst chapter of the Holy Blood Jade Kirin

“Be careful.” cold voice, in this solitude of the palace, was actually so nicely, like music, like drip into my heart.
This is so stressful environment, but my heart is sweet, warm, never had happiness in my heart breed, hand the moment, my heart will be turned tense, like a shy first motion The little girl ‘bang bang bang’ heartbeat stop. Watching people, instant understand, just because there is him.
“the palace ancient and long history, you have to find what is?” Although I can guess, Lan trends can Yetan Xu Fu, but ultimately Lan purpose remains unknown.
“Holy Blood Jade Unicorn.” faint tone, aspirations. Lan others for his selfconfidence is not the shape of his innate king breath, and rightly so, his perfect wisdom, elegance rather than Xiemei doomed her as the king of the world turned.
“Holy Blood Jade Kirin, Kirin ……” In the mouth talking about, like where heard.
“ancient artifact?” sudden idea does make me surprised, legendary ancient artifact that is left over when the beginning of the world of matter, absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, by all primates, with a force powerful holy. Lan not only used to enhance the strength, he should not be ……?
I lug eyebrow watching men, men do not seem to want to let me know. Gradually I scowled, his face is not very good. Pour night Lan helpless sigh, really damn goblins, just frowned, he distressed to death.
“He is on the pulse of the earthworm lock.”
Philip’s use of a halfcentury ancestors built the Dragon of the clock, to maintain Philip’s dynasty years to consolidate, in the swing era, only damage to the dragon vein, shattered when North Korea, the world will be easy to master.
With a smile I looked at my man, knowing his thoughts, hearts and without the slightest fear, dread, as if in respect of this, kingly Lan was born to dominate the world, only he can arrogance of the world.
“I’ll help you.” an ‘I’ll help you’, contains too many emotions, Realm of Conscience, destroy weapons Union, murderous garments, originally for him I could do so much. Short recognize, perhaps after leaving the underground palace, Lan ink resumed night, and we turn to survive in even the independent world, but the phrase lifetime commitment, our tightly linked.
Yan Liu Lan could not do without tilting the night, but the night dumping Lan, Yan Liu is his whole world.
lot of the palace of the worm, after many years, the formation of poisonous miasma, or is not taking over the dragon fruit has long been poisoned.
through a long tunnel, successfully came to a secret room, surrounded by steel chains, airtight. No one’s way out in front, is a dead end.
“Hurry!” Lan suddenly called, my body is almost in the arms of his care, he actually gets wide shoulders, with a touch of lotus gas, shuttling around the dense rain forest sword, I do not know what that is What kind of a world full of dark dark poisoned arrows, the moment my heart is abnormal silence, still have some tears to my brain went blank.
Over time, our bodies stopped, his face pale, my eyes almost instinctive view in front of the body, and that left a red mark attracted me.
“You’re hurt.” or abnormal smooth tone, as if nothing happened in general. But only I know the feeling of heartache almost about to pierce me.
my red dress with bright red blood mixed into one, let me stab Yan Yan’s a sad heart abnormality “My leopard will be worried?” Night dumping Lan mouth smile, watching woman, he knew her fears and sadness, knowing her sad. How can we be willing to do!
“no.” he told me stubborn, but deep husky tone, revealing my mood.
Lan’s face is like a woman watching her tenderness, spoiled, pampered, deeper love.
“Well ” the mouth and the mouth is the best blend of emotional catharsis, like two sides of the antidote, drug addiction will be relieved to stir Preliminary tongue wrapped transition honey water, a few actually crazy plunder, my eyes blurred, his face glowing blush, brain gas slapped all been looted, and the night seemed to pour Lan and miss her, hugged one hand want to fall body, kissing every inch of her.
to me almost fainting when Lan was only reluctantly let go of my mouth because of extreme madness wrapped mian, out of the silvery liquid.
“How beautiful!” Night involuntary dumping Lan said, “now …… the …… really want you,” one desires satisfied look, like a satyr stole fishy.
“But now is not the time.” night dumping Lan looked at me seriously behind that door. When we wrapped mian, even off live.
I climbed up from his body, flushed face, but shy and tender, innocent people that come just blowing hot and cold.
I checked around the wall, no sandwich, I can not help but dejected, empty room, only a stone table and chairs. And are fixed to the floor.
I looked Lan, disappointed by his shoulder, to accompany him to sit on the chairs, the time around us so quietly slip past. People around without any movement, the body temperature to remind me that he had been around, but I knew I wanted to question the man.
chamber design for me without the slightest worry, I know what Lan is excellent, Jia Yu Valley authorities are not all designed by him? So I went out just a matter of time, during which time I was good to enjoy this rare warm.
Sure enough, almost an hour, Lan went to the front stone table, lying on it, hold me in his arms, had sunk below trend “touch” is heard, the table, the floor are really a inclined to sink, to a certain height, our body is like a slide like going to decline.
the table like an excellent friction material

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And smooth down along almost the moment thing, we arrived at another place. Placed in the middle of a sparkling, glowing unicorn, the kind of dazzling light almost to stab our eyes.
“Lan, and that is the holy blood jade unicorn.” the world is so much treasure, standing alone, can feel the holy light, genial full of energy.
blue recently to practice dance, may have overlooked fiction, blue inverted only apologize to everybody here, hehe.
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Indiana Chapter 72

Kirin around the whole house is full of gems, treasure it because the world, we must absorb the aura. warm red
light, full of warm colors like ruby ​​unicorn beautiful sunset, crystal clear without any flaws.
“Lan.” panic stopped my desire to reach out to touch the unicorn Lan.
“okay.” When he finished, his hand has been covered up, the moment the whole light is Lan plunder in his arms, like the ground
prison Shura, his body unconsciously emerged like a red light, people can not but regard it eyecatching.
in the hands of the blood jade unicorn, unconsciously from palm Lan, Lan surrounded around, like in the verification
most important person, or in the hands, I saw more and more concentrated red light, surrounded by faster and faster speeds. Moment
invisible speed to wear into Lan’s body, while the brightness of the entire house is gone, only the gem issued
faint light.
“okay,” I ran to his side, and I know he will not easily go wrong, but always worried not stop.
my clothes clawed his chest, stroking the unicorn piece into place in such a dark room, white patch
chest emit a faint red glow unicorn, even more so in the Holy Lan.
“Blood Jade Kirin has recognized the Lord, because of the need blood to survive, occupy in my body.” Lan pour some night crying
must not laugh, he’s so edgy fairy, she did not know such a person’s chest and abdomen provoke easily arouse a man
desire, but also it is the man who Acacia nights.
“Well, now not just because of the continued finishing things.” I was just looking at a pair of black Leng Leng
eye in a daze, was so bright.
without any consciousness, I was in front of people arrived at the top of the stone wall behind, and that a hot body
tightly close to me, between each breath, heartbeat, clearly audible, a pair of magic hands, very consciously stretch
into my body, the feeling of it is covered wanted to fire the general.
Lan is so hurry never knew the man, it seems a case of me, always calm cool person becomes confused, it
as now, he had to control his desires, and that beneath muddy hot, straight stuff, arrived in my secluded cave,
tempted his eyes full of desires, it seems that soon will burn her.
I know this is his limit, but I have a bad heart so do not want this guy to succeed early, extended
my hands holding Lan baby.
sudden touch me, let Lan shivered, body stiff, Lan stopped all the action, it seems very
dissatisfaction pair lust pitiful eyes looked at me, my hands can clearly feel that huge guy jump
moving heat, seemed to be burning like.
“Liu …… let go ……” already hoarse voice, not knowing in estrus Lan is so sexy.
I also decided not to embarrass him, and I blocked him with my lips mouth with both hands let go of that deep desire
“I love you. Well ” That deep into the heat of the moment, could be so satisfying. Lan wild like a runaway at this time
horse, without any restraint, to open up in my body, a wave of violent Bobby, Bobby wave stimulation
, until our body is covered with sweat, was full of enthusiasm enriched.
“Now, after Lan out, you’re still the king of the Palace on the night it?” I have already limp on the ground, lying in his arms,
night dumping Lan stroking my brow, full of the kind of gentle seems to overflow.
“I am a night house of the Lord, while I am more your Lan.”
I laughed, never had a pleasant, he has the necessary task, but he is also me. If not together, Heart opportunity
connected to each other so that we watch each other, even thousand years.
“Come on.” have been here a long time, alternating day and night have I do not know how long.
etc. We then came out, stab bright eyes burn our eyes, but the entire house is filled with serious Xu gas
atmosphere, very wrong.
“Come on.” not too much to stay, and I got off the walls while Lan.
shade in person, and then he walked out.
“Master, why not order them to catch.” Xu Zheng standing beside the old housekeeper, and looking worried, it seems Xu
government crisis has finally arrived.
“Since they can safely come out from the palace, must be among the dragon, not that we can stop the human,
Kirin Holy Blood and the selected master Xu Jiashi on behalf of our inviolable. “Xu Zheng sighed with deep
sad, “It seems that Philip’s reign will surely perish ah. Unfortunately, our Alex.”
“Xiao son ……” Xu Zheng sad face, but destiny is inviolable, not to mention they still Alex’s
treasure has arrived, even if reluctantly, we returned to their place, nearly a day’s disappearance,
should let those people anxious.
really Shengxue palace, there have been people waiting. Mu repair, Shame Luo, Lin Xuan Yan, Yan Qing spend long in there Seiitsu
the hall waiting a long time. And each person’s face is very ugly.
“Yan, how a person out?” The first speaker is Yan Qing. Yan Liu for his absolute responsibility to ensure
her safety, even exhausting everything.
“Yan, you are our Lord, you are in trouble, Shing Temple how to do? still that person?” staid Mu repair
can not help but nagging road. It seems that this time it is for them to worry.
watching these eager eyes still care, really touched me, no longer based on years of friendship for me
responsibility and care, we are like brothers, like most intimate friends, could not warm it?
I’m sorry to laugh at them, “he and I together.” Yuehua Jian has betrayed me happy.
four so obviously very surprised and pleased, however, a deep and intractable Yan Qing sadness.
“I will not speak of this, what happen?”
“court sent people over, Miyaji invited to participate in three days after the celebration of the dynasty, the Qing dynasty centuries 祝弘氏 base mat.”
Mu report a repair.
“hundred base pad, a memorial,” I said ironically, you’re doing great dynasty’s last fight it.
“collaborative Mu repair away, you strengthen the monitoring of the Imperial City.” Lan want something, I will fight for him.

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celebration of a Dynasty Chapter 73

“Prince came Yoshihisa water clouds country.”
“country to come to the Lord Dragon Emperor Yoshihisa country.”
“Prince Rama came Yoshihisa country.”
sharp bright sound, spread to every corner of the lobby, melodious voice sounded cheerful, Gongchoujiaocuo the hall, the song sets a warm sound, seat people tired face finally showing a rare smile. Yoshihisa representatives of countries sitting in the hall, talk with.
because Philip’s reign in the world, is also one of the few big country, so on behalf of the countries of very great importance to this celebration, though dying empire did not the old downtown, but the energy and the Central Plains alliance, which means the state will have in the future Philip’s reign backing, they will no longer worry about the annexation issue.
therefore attach great importance to each country’s birthday this time.
“Philip emperor is really healthy and strong, wellorganized huge national governance.” calumny of the Prince’s first national water clouds, and his sister was married to a Hong Yuan do concubine, so their mutual affection is still relatively deep.
“Prince tiring hard way, Aifei I miss you night and day, but this brother na.” Hong Yuan kind of look like a pair of unsuspecting people think that is a good emperor as a loving son.
“Your Majesty, we asked Bi Ling Su Dragon country princess Maoruo world, I do not know Haier fortunate to inform Yidufangrong.” Dragon Lord earnest country road, there’s remark meaning of friendship between the two countries a knot.
“Bi Ling ah, very headstrong, and now I do not know where to go.” Hong Yuan thick Chongni mean, really, as people outside said, Bi Ling Princess by favoritism. The number
celebration, almost always in attendance, after all, is the celebration of the Emperor Philip, dare somewhat neglect. However, staid Hong Yuan emperor, not aiming to go outside when the hall, banquet delay in opening.
“night night Miyagi main ink come Yoshihisa.” As soon as the high sounds, everyone’s eyes are toward the door, while Hong Yuan emperor also face smiling appearance.
Nobody knows white purple could even be so natural, noble temperament, the world turned tolerance, not to mention the stunning face, just the kind of pressure, to see if he could even make people feel is a blasphemy. Like riding the wind comes, such as fairy dust, set the best thing in the world.
million people watched the shadow every step I felt one step closer to the man, unrelated men and women, independent of orientation, not from his heart felt feeling stop.
“Robinson night to congratulate His Majesty longevity inkbeing.” in a low voice, at once so that all people indulge them, like a poison slowly penetrate the heart.
Hong Yuan great joy to hear the phrase, proud Mexican night in front of him claiming to be ‘minister’, it seems the biggest obstacle
has been removed, Philip’s dynasty unified the world the day is not far off.
night ink was placed in the nearest location from Hong Yuan, who under the uproar, not 王子皇 Sun, but not the royalty and nobles, a night to let Hong Yuan dynasty emperor palace so treated, what this person actually capability? Most people thought angrily. And sitting beside Prince Rama noble person who looked eyebrow, eyes deep, slightly unpredictable meaning of
While we are somewhat sleepy, door and sounded shrill scream.
“Shengxue Palace Miyaji Yan Liu came to His Majesty Yoshihisa.”
look at our emperor, had music from ear to ear, eyes narrowed fast no general, I did not expect a short birthday, not just the night toward the Palace, the Palace also came to call the holy snow, would get so gift.
red skirts falling, as the most beautiful glow, brilliant cause for eyecatching, if the ink is noble night as White Lotus, and in front of the people are like the sun enthusiasm charm. Everyone’s heart once again to accept the new shocks, so how can we bear called worldly stunning woman.
“Long live Long live the emperor never” I did not kneel, just a simple courtesy line.
“quickly seated, Miyaji without much ceremony.” How can treat such a person emperor, such behavior by letting the people here to see faint eye. It seems that the Central Plains trip is not in vain, at least you can see two people so stunning
I sat next to Lan, at least this is quite satisfactory for the emperor.
“open feast.” order, hearty voice sounded, messenger countries imbibing, immersed in an atmosphere filled.
sitting opposite me is Prince Rama States, approaching Europeanization face, slightly curled blonde hair, slender physique, sharp eyes, also said to be a rare talent. As I looked at him carefully, while Prince Rama’s noticed me, slender fingers he’ll reach the emerald, a faint smile at me, his head in one gulp.
I see such a scenario, immediately reach for the glass, back to the ceremony. At least this person is very interesting, it is on my appetite.
night Mexican beauty looked around to interact with other men, is very upset.
spotlight is a tribute to the countries, each country vied, make every effort to be sure hope Hong Yuan emperor, naturally, rare treasures will be unveiled at the birthday.
first action was the man opposite me, his plan was a success, with Rama Nations Millennium treasure Polygonum debut scarce and have longevity, heal the sick, all the country’s overwhelming arrogance, while Rama rare beauty into the offer, how Emperor attract any attention, got applause.
water clouds and the next country, the country is nothing but jade dragon treasure, mink tiger beast, although rare anomaly, but these do not promise big dynasty missing. Natural seat on the people seem to lack interest.
“night night Miyagi main ink into the offer of the Holy Blood unicorn.” His words, people immediately seat black eyes, pretending a definite, clearly seen in his panic.
I looked at a leisurely sipping tea beside the man, in his early integration of Kirin, Kirin Holy Blood, where’s the? I am afraid that is prepared in advance, the future of the political affairs of the country, they could not at peace with this evildoer myself. Alex chiefs who did not see more of the black and blue face, a lethargic appearance.
night thing ink into the offer really is the incarnation of the unicorn, red jade sparkling eyecatching, with a warm glow, as not even the man’s character, I’m afraid to go to really be a tiger.
Hong Yuan emperor just Leng Leng looked outside at the moment, I do not know happy or sad, and looks like a different person previously.
“Well, there is a labor Santo.” His eyes still riveted on the scarlet unicorn.
night Xiemei ink mouth evoke a smile, his objective was achieved.

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Chapter 74 Royal Celebration 2

dynasty in the world of joy, celebration of festivals this world how much sorrow indeed, we know. Such a grand feast, behind the world have wives and children to share the joy of the crowd much, just a celebration of what they spent more than silver, even flourishing downtown scenes, it can not withstand so frustrating.
house people drunk, act like a buffoon, luxury arrogant aristocratic dynasty, and no compassionate people toil. Yeliangrushui, so good night, let these people spoil it.
this time to bring up the rear of a beautiful lake, the amount of sparkling shining stars, so quiet night, the noisy scene inside was isolated.
“Shengxue Miyaji too clean person?” accidentally general nobility provocative discourse, contains trace carefully and ask.
If not mistaken, this is Prince Rama, and only people who have that kind of courage demeanor.
“Prince also bored?” and I did not look back, eyes still glued to the front of the scene, more than one speaker or, at least not so painful.
Prince Rama footsteps approached, to my side, no stranger to embarrassment, as if all born naturally. No one has sound, just quietly. The passage of time, this will be calm.
“Tory, is my name.” Prince first open mouth, “Miyaji, you can call Willow it?”
willow? I laughed, that person specifically said that no one is irreplaceable, but just a word, Lan’s calling call me every heart. “Just call it Yen.

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Tori first froze a moment, I saw the happy smile, mood swings, and seems to understand, “Yan ……”
“it is sad.” Tori is just a face you can see my sadness, instant I understand that we are the same person.
“yes, how much will the celebration under the bereaved Dynasty, Hong Yuan How I wonder?” Although I Shouren blood, murderous Cloth harm people’s minds in the world, but who knows my pain and difficulties, for these poor people I cherish these people. The original five years, the essence remains unchanged.
“You would be hard to imagine the world is a house owner. to bear far more than imagined so much.” Tori laughed at me, then why is not he, Prince Rama, are born for him State to give everything. And his life doomed in the burden of power in the front row.
“Have you ever tried to put a person you love everything.” At this point I looked at the front of Tori, my eyes naturally affectionate greet his eyes, he looks like a silly boy, from I do not know, because of the tie him in mind, talent has the power of life. Relative me, if there is no Lan, even brighter future, free scenes are not happy. Heart has been bound to live.
“I do not know what you talking about love, but I know it is a really good thing,” Tory vision of a more profound and let the people see his city prince never believe they have such affection.
the same time I know that emotion in his eyes, it was a strange throbbing, but my heart has already been sealed, how then there feeling?
“Liu ……” sound cold deep voice and his recall my thoughts, which I can feel the anger. Is someone jealous!
night out on the ink from the hall looking for his goblins, but saw a strange man and chatting intimacy, how happy? Hearts jealousy roll, murderous eyes stinging.
“Night Santo.” Tori immediately recognized this person, the kind of eye-catching temperament is hard to forget, but his mouth ‘Willow’, Yan actually not resist!
night ink did not respond, as if no matter if the general, came to my side, one hand on my shoulder, I could feel it in the hands of the intensity, the more I go to the rope around him, but I did did not refuse, it is natural to rely on him, there will always be my exclusive places.
his red luoluo ownership of my oath! !
“Are you cold.” drowned in a gentle voice, makes my heart flutter the moment, though with a little pique mean, but I still very popular with the thing.
Tori saw the scene at the moment, immediately knowing in his eyes, but also with a sense of sadness, but only fleeting. “Yen, I will go back. Conversation with you very happy.”
“Well.” I lay on the shoulders of Lan, lazy answer. Looked at his back, he was a big hand blocked path.
I was staring at the man, shining light in the eyes, sparkling. I smile as beautiful like a flower
“jealous big.”
“I’m not hooked up another man, it seems that I can put you look closely, can not let you have the opportunity to scourge others.” His slender fingers pinching my nose, still shaking a few.
“how come out?”
“is not worried about you, you touch here and meet other men.” clothes I wear very thin, Lan will use his body tightly close, physical contact came almost ironing my temperature body.
ring so he hugged me, the ups and downs in this troubled times, insidious changing dynasty, hand in hand with the world watching the chaos downtown.
that also I asked him, “Lan, as you become emperor, would be a good monarch do?”
he was told me, “No, because my heart had to tie him down, no matter how high the Throne, and then the big powers have arrived, but the eyes of the people laugh, I do now, just for my loved one Create a bustling prosperity she wants with her hand in hand to see the world Decisive Force. ”
I laughed, I have everything, from the night he was on the night of the Palace of the king of the ink from his bent not recognize, stealing from his holy blood jade unicorn, I know. He is always dedicated my Lan, Lan is always spoiled me. I just do not want him as hard ends of the earth, and the king of!
“Santo? ……” sound surprising figure came from the bushes next to our line of sight has also been tightened, light yellow clothes, beautiful face was extremely distorted.
“What are you doing?” Bi Ling screamed, obviously his fiance monarch, but with another woman hold, but also the beauty of color everywhere to grab their own willow. Her heart even more resentment.
since been wrecked, and have nothing to say.
I straightened up his physique, direct each other; “like you see it.”
my red lips close immediately in front of men, intense kissing my face is covered with a layer of pale pink. I am also very satisfied to see, the princess envy and resentment reveal.
“little rascal.” whisper ear has flooded my heart.

Chapter 75 3 Royal Celebration

“that you see this!” I direct at each other, the kind of sharp watch intently, almost ruthless smile, let Bi Ling burst of fear.
the woman I had spared her once, and if in such haunts Lan, the next not so easy to let go of her
lips with stickers, we all enjoy each other with this brief kiss, no one will be seen as significant. The only way to make people stop all peeping Lan.
Bi Ling glared at me, because hatred and let his face distorted, the people still kept trembling. “Ha ha, you thought you could so easily together?, I will not let you get away!” Finally a roar out, vent out all the emotions.
light yellow figure immediately ran from the scene, but does not know that she said today, but then the next whole life caused irreparable regret. But also because this sentence, grand Philip’s reign was to speed up the pace of extinction. Qiao Li
my physique straight forward, like a peacock victorious, valiant dash to show off the fruit of their own victory.
“you!” Night dumping Lan joy in front of people round the child, not knowing five years in one hand and watching the big kids have so much. Proud of saying, do not give her the opportunity to point people to refute, born Liu respect that, he’s proud of her noble, her elegance, is incomparable to any person. Confident and charming, calm but aloof, so let him faint breath of relief, and this is his treasure, hearts treasure! !
night watching addicted to pour Lan engraved heart of man, “really love you!” With time, I did not expect this situation is like a bottomless abyss, each by one point, even more intense feelings, and he himself more like a beginning of the guys, the young folks, just across Willow, calm, resourceful, all gone.
I enjoyed Lan love language, and I just knew it was true. Princess has bugger that will do, as long as the eyes of the people have been with me.
“Go home, those people have to toss out any tricks up.” My dissatisfaction hum. If it’s too long will certainly suspicious of. Although we have nothing to secular vision, but Lan’s plan but not wrong.
this time we entered the hall together, as they expected, all eyes focused on our body, the emperor’s surprise, the Princess of anger, resentment ministers, as well as what our envoys Love In The City of wonder. Our graceful acceptance of the world’s attention, we witnessed last forever.
“back Santo and Yan Miyaji really a coincidence ah.” emperor seat of embarrassment for people under explained, seems intent on separating our relationship.
we do not have any words, walked straight up to our position, not only for the emperor’s favor without a trace, like a fly buzzing cried, increasingly dislike him.
“Ahem.” Hong Yuan cough twice, in front of the woman in red and white is very harmonious, and even pay any attention to his words. But because of the forces of the two parties, but it is not angry, only with cough disguise himself.
people who sit down and stared, even more incredible, always cruel terror Hong Yuan emperor could even have beaten it so hard to imagine.
“Fu Huang ……” just sort of a small shy voice so that everyone present to hear, that spoiled the mood, how like a spoiled little princess.
Bi Ling utmost trembling own waist, her only night ink heart man, he must get his hand: “? Fu Huang, you forgot Ling child just said yet.”
“Oh, ha ha ha -” There came a burst of hearty laughter.
instant, Hong Yuan look to the bottom of a holy man, his eyes appeared difficult to find a glimmer of sly, being close to his heart. Loud voice reverberates throughout the hall. “Night Santo, my baby daughter is very bold, long enamored Santo, and today I said it, I want to be a master, Santo non-intentional?” Although it is a
Hong Yuan discuss the tone, but listening to the night out which ink threat. Mexican cold night watching drama happened in front of, never dare threaten him. Naturally, they have to bear the consequences of their anger beneath it.
“night when the ink must obey the Holy arrangements on.”
I heard here, my mind has not changed, nothing to betray or not, never doubted my Lan, but for this abominable princess, I definitely will not let go, because he should not be saved for Lan Some thought.
I sit in the cold watching the people, but no one found the ink with my night vision is so similar, the bottom line is like touching the lowest lion, eyes intake issued.
“Well, well, better. since Santo promised, then ruler of the first dynasty in the day the wedding is next month, five nights in Miyagi Lord.”
“Thank Fu Huang arrangements.” Pik Ling did not think so smooth.
She turned her head and I’m proud of the eye, the eyes of the arrogant and the winner, I mouth smile, looked straight ahead, as if everything unrelated to me.
“Santo, could have time to discuss the issue after the wedding party matters.” Hong Yuan’ve waited too can not wait, get to know the night Dinglixiangzhu dynasty palace, the world just around the corner.
“His Majesty, the ink today night to deal with some issues, can not stay, say good-bye.” did not give the emperor’s face, come and go like the wind, even worse than the emperor pressure, to all the people think he is the king .
“Oh, Santo hard.” Hong Yuan has come to the door in front of the characters says, greatly reducing his position deterrence ah.
night, on the night of Miyagi deepest most luxurious house, brightly lit, ambiguous veil to conceal the two white body, that fiery scene, kinky mi breath filled the hall.
body under the blankets had not been rubbed cheap line, the previous two in bed or sitting restless difficult moves. Wheezing, delicate sound, a ……
“still angry?” is like the world’s most beautiful voice, but also with a heavy spoiled.
“Well.” I Menheng a cry, that the princess was just coincidence, even a reputation, and I do not mean to give.
Pik Ling, I’m looking forward to the day of your wedding, oh! I think of a bad heart. I’m a villain preoccupied miles.
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looming Chapter 75

“back on the holy night Santo ill, unable towards.” early Dianshang guards came towards the sound. This situation has been going on for three days, since the emperor feast, just missing the night like the ink does not come Zaozhao. But once the disease is not known to the DPRK.
“His Majesty, the night to do so despised pilgrimage ink majesty, please Shigeharu night emperor ink.” In fact, everyone’s mind is clear, once strong and majestic night Miyagi Lord, how can all of a sudden illness, and will desert toward the three days, Even the soldiers toiled for national statehood, have never been subjected to such treatment. Night ink behavior has been unavailable? Lawlessness describe, how can let their hearts with gas.
Hong Yuan’s somber, as long as that person is indeed present, they are completely subject to him, the man who cold breath, and strong pressure can not be ignored, let him king of the one above are so afraid. His forces have so powerful, it seems Ling child is unable to manufacture his only hope of early marriage, to solve the biggest problem.
deep in the heart of Hong lamented several times already, we can only compromise, is not it? “What happened?”
“back to His Majesty, last night ……” is an old prime minister stood out, paused, and looked flashes, bitter.
“how the? soon to say.” Philip exposed face of the deep impatience, why the recent always uneasy? Hope everything goes smoothly when Ling child wedding, took the night palace dynasty.
“Last night, the Ministry of Personnel letter to GE research assistant minister died at home.” the prime minister finished, causing an uproar.
Hong Yuan hear just to feel his heart sank like thunderstruck like, although not the prime minister rites big responsibility, but it is the person I most sincerely, officials in charge of the selection, research GE’s death, nothing to unplug One canines around the emperor.
Hong Yuan sharp eyes under fire with the crowd, “What are you people want to use, dignified rites can not protect!!”
“This in the end is how is it?” Hong Yuan roaring, and people of all deep beneath his head, not Zhiyi Sheng.
finally old old prime minister who bear the emperor’s anger, bold, said: “His Majesty, died last night of strange adults grind their guard last night, did not even hear a hint …… sounds, while, in the morning, and research for adults. he died at home in bed, the body and not the slightest wound. ”
finally finished, the old prime minister was like a liberation, when the Korean ministers thirty years, never so nervous as before, recently really scary.
“nothing happened to them who are doing eater to eat? Since useless, do not stay.” Hong Yuan does not know the word to determine how many people died.
ill while at home the night of the words ink looks like a laid-back spot, a beautiful figure lying asleep, squints, enjoying the people around and handed amethyst grapes. No sudden movements continued his muttering lips, that bright red, do not mention how tempting.
“Liu, also.” tired tired, if it is in the love of the people will never have such a voice, crisp people tremble, feeling the body’s cells are mobilized in front of men.
really can not stand, and had just dialed a good, but just a finger to his mouth and progressive, tongue came tickles, waves tease my nerves, constantly sucking, biting, like a beautiful fruit. The guy has never tired of lying down licking.
beautiful eyes glared at me in front of people unconsciously, his mouth a sigh: “! not above towards it.”
However, the court must now big mess, and research GE’s death certainly a big blow for the emperor. My heart smiles.
“you, little naughty, I knew what you did.” Lan said helplessly tilting night, from her first sight seen through her mind, how could conceal got him!
“Why did the emperor’s daughter provoke me.” called change my dissatisfaction with, if not actually remove my prior research GE estimated Lan will act only to Lan eliminating some effort it.
“War and Los is really nonsense for you.” So this is also seen, research GE dead silent, and only Shengxue Memorial Palace, one of the four so it can be done Rockwell.
“like so that I can allow my baby, do it

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Some bad. But do not order their lives at risk. Otherwise, you have the heart of my worry sad? “Night dumping Lan Although expression serious, but how bear blame in his mouth that made him afraid of the baby, Yuehua Jian Cengceng also kept my nose with your fingers.
“know.” muffled I do not bite, I knew Lan worry, as long as not related to Lan, everything I could lay down.
night dynasty palace is like my home, come and go. Together every day, and this guy tired during the day Dramas landscape, night Lan said it nicely is to add Acacia five years, more like a sexcrazed individuals every day, the body exhausted.
“Tomorrow is not ready Shang Dynasty, the emperor is estimated that so anxious.” My time has been lying in his lap, the past few days is like the best time of my life, daily companions, but ……
“ah, is indeed something to be solved.” Lan said the night dumping, like Yan Liu learned as research GE is just the beginning of a pilgrimage demise, the next is to play the final show of it.
“I first returned Shing Temple, the processing of all things.” I know from the past few days is my luxury, as long as I am, Lan will not be able to focus, then our days will not last forever soon.
“ah” Night Lan just a touch of a dumping Well, if all the love, all the sadness, all the hidden thoughts have tried to stand, because he has to hold up one day for his people.
me from his body up, just a touch of a kiss over. I’m stepping away so cowardly, fearing another look at him, his heart will be uncontrolled toward him.
two figure to pull off so there are so distressed dismay.
I then understood ‘long long time if the two conditions, a blessing in the day and night. ‘I’m waiting for you the world turned Lan, meet me at that moment.

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beginning of chapter seventyseventh unrest

night Miyagi convened the troops, the city’s people also feel an unprecedented pressure. While the morning sun temple and Chodo as usual, but everyone looked serious, full of fighting spirit.
“If you over there how is the flow?” hard to come by once, on their king ruined things for Chodo so concerned. It seems that finally lost the masters, not far from the world cause.
“secretly in my capacity as the night went towards the palace bribe the officials, said World of friendship, this is not worth mentioning some old fogy, dismissive, but there are still a lot of people dissatisfied with the incumbent’s court, a third of the officials through close contacts, expressed their willingness to pledge allegiance night palace dynasty. lord can people use these people. “if flow Shenqingziruo said, not knowing where he spent much of the effort, coercion, do not go down, no survivors .
“You have done well.” just a few months, there is such a success, is driving Hong Yuan Laodi almost emptied, and indeed the first night of the Palace of the prime minister.
down envy the young man looked, and looked pleased men, to get on to praise the Lord, is their greatest pleasure is their greatest recognition. Pay all feel fame or fortune.
“troops defeat pilgrimage toward night, and the world military power and control in the hands of other world Ruin, pour repair your ways?” Now the original color vision has become night Shang dynasty palace, and he in charge of the pilgrimage political context and world military secret information already owned ink all night.
ranging downward condensate repair finished speaking, someone carelessly stand out, thick beard robust shape, seeing generals: “Lord, why should we be afraid of them, night palace soldiers to an enemy ten, a brave and fierce, as long as the king gave the order, we immediately went to kill the Imperial. ”
his rhetoric and aspirations, passionate, and in the eyes of the ink of the night like a clown, “stupid.” cold and heartless tone, heavy stabbed the Han dynasty. “the king ……”
seemed puzzled, but also with the injured look, has been the most respected emperor, so the overthrow of their own, would be how grief.
“so if you can, why should I have to plan everything.” Mexican night although the night dumping Lan, but it is not a woman to change his life, he had a cold heartless hint of warmth, the subjects of the land towards the night, He gave some are, but also of the people down bloody battles they won. If he could have gained the world, why should it be boarded thousands of bones piled shortage Cave throne, which is the night of the ink can not be innate pride infringement. Then pour the repair
answer: “Lord, although other half of the sky Ruin mastered troops, but they have different ideas, fiscal excellent moneygrubber, because Hong Yuan emperor provided him with a steady stream of financial resources, will be so keen on the emperor, while never bet, though gambling, but his identity has been a mystery, only four no accumulation of the day the world will be coming out, posing the trick even better, it is not clear who he is. The soldier must, indeed a pilgrimage of princes, four must also be the greatest strength of his grasp, so the possibility of dust soldiers absolute allegiance seems minimal. ”
“ah ……” wealth absolutely While seemingly easy to pledge allegiance, but Hong Yuan is not a waste, keep Suifeng Dao things, what must have been implicated in between them, so that wealth will never sacrifice their lives for the court.
“Lord, we must indeed the world has four important things for the late emperor custody.” condensate repair had some hesitation, but since he is coming with the owner, it must be exhausting, while the late emperor entrusted only vanish into thin air .
heard here the night of the ink in the eyes immediately horde, seems to have guessed him to say the words.
“We have four absolutely ancient ancestors from ancient times to keep the legacy thing. body weight then,” he finished, unplug the condensate repair their own hands jade ring. “It is the key to open the veins of the dragon.”
a remark shocked Chodo. Mexican night eyes are also some unpredictable, except I did not expect Kirin Holy Blood, and this four rings, earthworm the clock, really getting interesting.
“If the stream next month fifteen before, I want you to ring in the fiscal absolutely there, no matter what method will be that I went to the princes, while never bet where I own methods.” ink has issued a directive night not that he does not believe the person down, but the major issue relationship, the less people involved, the better, but also has the ability to stream if he trusted.
“the rest of the people, ready forces, fifteen, Hong Yuan will have to pay for what he said.”
original Oh, we are so eager Fei Di Santo Yeda, the original plan was just a great abyss of his baby daughter, a good husband, angered kiss his wife Yan Liu, natural night of the ink is not to be missed. Alas, Hong Yuan emperor was put to death so inexplicable reason, some really wronged na!
down the people, are ready, mental multiplication, like a year toward the initial formation of the night, lose ground, open territory, accommodating staff, as long as that person is facing a timely Armageddon, or retreat to the mountains They are willing. King of the achievements of a pinned their hearts, and to overthrow the pilgrimage is their top priority.
“If the stream, the DPRK sent a guard to protect the best dark Shengxue Palace Miyaji Yan Liu.” can not commit a mistake last time, if got the whole world and lose her, what is the use? By the time he was probably the whole world who come to them buried.
“am.” In fact, not a statement of ink the night, all the people already know, so far as the topic of the king, fled without their ears, such as ambiguous derived Qiongyao feast together, Tanabata Lake enthusiasm wrapped mian, underground palace Jingxian escape, as well as meet the next day to night palace …… Yan Liu became the early care of the household here, or else it will not be greeted with a smile every time, warm hands. For these simple, bent only on Wang, Bi Ling Wang has become the scourge of the damage, everyone wanted to take her mind are eradicated. Sometimes can not help feeling, what night is another way ink, got this group of people would like to cover your ah.
Chodo of Hong Yuan emperor at this happy sleepless nights, and he is indeed a fantasy palace after a night of allegiance towards a unified world, often look forward to the arrival of the fifth day. That his baby daughter was coddled more powerful, a variety of delicacies supplements that are sent to the Bi Ling Bubu body. In ectopic ink has built a dedicated night palace inside the magnificent extent, we can see the extent of the night favored ink. The unprecedented grand wedding they also organized.
on when everything smoothly when it came in the princess’s chambers, the clear water haunted house news and traumatic moment of panic, but always beautiful princess, pale, pale and thin, do not see a trace of beauty and angry sluggish look like has been a great hit.

blue yesterday, no more, oh, extremely guilty. Oh!
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Chapter 78 Haunted

night, the lights in clear water palace, guarded palace guards stood around the clock, there is a fear of director mishap.
house the night water, through the window into the room, the screen that is a quiet, he was unknown and the waves one after another voice interrupted.
“Do not come ah …… ah ……” so frightened cry, but the owner was still in bed asleep. sweating profusely shows the restless dreams. Originally the stunning face, the fear would be so, there is no beauty in terms.
“ah ……” With a sharp cry cried, the woman woke up in bed. She put his body soaked with sweat.
“come ” There is no usual cute, actually sounds through the cold. Outside the palace gingerly carrying lanterns come in, light footsteps, lest provoke the boss happy.
“out there is no red silhouette?” Bi Ling look very bad, since that day, she will always be red figure sleep disturbance, he could not sleep, then sleep more nightmares. Even before she had passed through the other concubines, princesses, will find her afterwards in a dream, eyes that one of hatred, resentment look, like her live set aside the same. Princess respected by the world, but I do not know how many bones secretly piled up.
“back Highness, without any shadow.” To be honest they do not all night guarding the door, but the red figure masters cried every day, the princess in doubt whether their neurological problems, but it no one dares say. Although on the surface of their masters cute pair of benevolent face, but secretly made a mistake Nvbi I do not know by how much suffering.
“go on.” Pik Ling upset, and not at liberty to attack. That frightened face no pressure of cross God.
at this huge palace and quiet no clean water, but the palace lights were all lit, comfortable bed, who has been spoiled child, but the delay did not dare to sleep.
following day, Bi Ling immediately sought the consent of the emperor, in clear water intrauterine deployed manpower and ordered during the princess wedding, where a concubine, must not disturb Prince Bi Ling Huang Sun are princess cut to breach.
temple dragon queen heard this news, his face pale with embarrassing, executive chess hands shaking uncontrollably.
“Yan Miyaji, you see that little slut arrogance into what? even I do not looked down on.” Queen of uncontrollable anger cursed mouth, there would hardly be a little mother Miriam world of tolerance.
I faint watching the scene, boring palace, boring people, there is a boring chess game, just gently thrown a child, the Queen’s men would rout.
“Miyaji good chess.” queen also expect the immediate future of all people, so she would only be for Yan Liu responsive
“Is your heart divided.” I did not bother her, and selfserving said.
“is not that little slut if one day is not removed, the crux of my heart will be difficult to heal.” Pitt said the queen’s face a diamond, it is extremely distorted.
“Miyaji can approach?” Since the last cure her illness, the Queen will always find a way to stay in my palace, Ming said repay my saving grace, and actually using me to help her regain power .
really whimsical man child, there is no trace of goodwill for the dynasty of me, why would they help you, internal fighting was cheering. However, if one of the exaggeration, the maze of some, would be better.
I leaned a queen Later, gently spit out the words, they let her epiphany immediately.
haunted? Oh, this is the original.
“However, clear water heavily guarded palace, how easily sneak into it?” Queen still wavering.
I can not help snorts:. “the Queen’s palace master clouds, not even this approach is not up to it,” I want to spend the manpower, you have to have the ability to see.
“yes, yes. yes the house much concern.” Unexpectedly, always mild Yan Liu, the courage to speak so much, she can not help being a queen also concede three.
That night, the Queen’s chambers, and sent a few black people were sneaked into the Bi Ling slept tonight exceptionally dark, the night dignified, to the palace is a strange one minute and add more gas Xiao Su .
“Well …… also my life to ” Phantom of the waves roar came from the depths of the door. Sound than the sound bleak, with untold suffering.
“ah …… who is in there, come out?” Bi Ling shouting, but it is around provoke servant. One pushed open the door, only to see their master, standing barefoot on the floor, looking fear, but no one was around.
“What do you hear?” Bi Ling nervous and asked, desperately grabbed hold of a person, like being ridden as devils. The guards were around, only shook his head, and did not mention the word.
see such a scenario, Bi Ling is anxious, how could it be? Simply let the maid around, vigil at her side. Brightly lit room full of people, so as to gradually ease, before going to bed goes big nightmare.
But this does not alleviate the situation, even if in a dream, felt someone pinched her neck, Zhang resentment goes quickly take her eyes almost annihilation.
just a few days, had a lively beautiful princess, the moment has become lifeless, meaningless Scarlet whole face, like a white skulllike fiasco. And since then, they heard someone inside the palace princess secretly insanity of the disease, and some even say that the princess crazy.
I gazed this farce, watching the unexamined person. If you regret deeply, how can I herbs that work. Your suspicion, resentment of the world, as well as the hearts of fear, exacerbated haunted this scene. Queens there is only fueling effect, let your heart to bear you kill people who are crazy resentment alone hate it.
I slowly closed his eyes, seemed determined. Pik Ling, if you come to their senses, not just the next time such a simple.

Yan Liu is still very good drop. Only the face of the Lan thing is so crazy, everyone would forgive a little about Kazakhstan. Hey, blue for the first time is very hard to write this double CD, pen wind was very jerky, but I am grateful to those who have been supporting this text oh. Ha ……
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Chapter 79 Truth

saying today the Central Plains region, although Philip’s reign, has been for hundreds of years, but the court of corruption, the rise of new forces, the power of the court secretly being carved open, Shengxue Palace, Palace dynasty night, and third of the world court , while the huge dynasty now on

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Just like an old man linger, but wayward Bunai dragging heavy body, to maintain their kingdom. Today is St. among the most terrible snow palace forces reportedly Shengxue Palace dominates every person who has financial, Shing Temple is the leader in martial arts. Some even claim that the former ruler of the night dumping Shing Temple is won Jia Yu Lan treasure valley, which became an outstanding Holy Mountain, a treasure of the holy mountain. Spirit Mountain was originally just a generation divide the land, but the past five years, the Palace of San snow continued annexation of various sects, create your own power, like a gem, like most holy light began to shine. and martial arts to be a rising star in the night even more incomparable dynasty palace speed expansion, night intrauterine everyone worshiped their own king, piety and faith. Martial arts, the night became even more enigmatic than ink character of God. If Shengxue Dynasty Palace and the Palace of the night if the intention to compete in the world, a reign of terror and then the inevitable, martial arts will face even greater catastrophe. But the truth is often beyond people’s expectations, the ability to hostile parties, it feels like a friend for many years comity …… more people came, if in the future something quest Shengxue Palace, the Palace of the dynasty are not allowed to interfere in the night. More people to see if the flow of the night was the Palace of the prime minister and the first to make the same table drink Shing Temple of God, really happy; while night Palace Kings and St. snow Miyaji from very close. but it is agreed that their alliance, when they came the night of the ink will be the first court to marry the princess, lakes and lively. Divergent constantly. today, always cold Shengxue Palace hall, occasionally came threw things around, smashing vases voice, the four gods looked distressed outside the house so that the mouth, has been reluctant to go. four guys you see me, I look at you, everyone is a pitiful look, you push me and shove, almost playing a lot. In this case, happens to someone after. “What are you doing?” Yan Qing looked at the door of the four, quirky look. Heart a little puzzled. “Oh …… Oh, nothing?” Seiitsu innocent cunning flowers always said, if the average person I guarantee he cheated. “Then how do you not go?” Yan Qing grew up mostly belonging to humble person, even with superior medical skills, but his heart still is so pure. Moreover, these four guys do not stay long and the time they even has a terrible cold nights are dry pour Lan design, how clearly knows his four Inferiority. Ever since, our Yan Qing baby, it was completely push them a dangerous abyss. “We’re not disturb Miyaji it? Miyaji you must be very happy to go.” really Yan Qing’s face appeared glimmer of joy, but gradually more bitter. Final resolutely entered the threshold. “pop!” crisp sound scattered at the feet of Yan Qing. Ability of a precious luxury white jade so fragmented it. “Willow, how is it?” Yan Qing ignored feet things, he is more concerned with the eyes of the people. Whenever looking at the furrowed brow, his heart will never feel better. I turned and looked to come, barely a hint of a smile softened. “Why?” Yan looked at me and just a touch of green, red eyes, he was a mass flow of gold paper on the floor attracted. He walked over, crouched down, picked up a piece that folds when those words caught his eye, he looked even more gloomy, as if something emerged, anger, or a deep sense of sadness. “you are to him.” It’s not a question, but rather affirmed. “I do not have to pay in return for so many years, no dumping Lan night, it was the night of ink?” Yan Qing completely desperate at this time, he knew the night dumping Lan Liu’s mind is in a permanent ridge, for him, the past five years he has witnessed the change off the front of the woman. But he was willing to wait, wait willow hearts can hold a little of his time, waiting for her tired, they can rely on him as a shoulder. However, it is tough for five years, but not worth a few months just have to know the man. Whenever they go to touch a point, the more he disturbed. Although the absolute beauty of ink night, standing noble, but not as the world women like willow vulgar, but this time he was thoroughly disappointed. course, I saw the pain in the eyes of Yan Qing, so bleak, “Did not you want it?” I could not help but cried, I’ve been around this man owe too much. “What’s that look like? your heart has been influenced by him!” Yan Qing never had anger. For this thing I have to say clearly, because the eyes of the people I owe him too much. “Yes, I like him, even love him unable to extricate themselves.” I said to him slowly, the man in front of the eyes of more obscure. “From birth that we encounter, fate, he accompany me sixteen years, he knows me, and as I know him, like he’s spoiled, love, deep into my bone marrow, how can he escape it? If so, I think will be very difficult even to breathe right when he appeared at that moment, his breath let me know, five years away, he finally came back. ” Yan Qing some disbelief, but eventually bowed his head, the sound also some hidden astringent. “Night is the night pour ink Lan.” “ah.” This time I nodded. Yan Qing looked at the ending, in my gaze, exit to the main hall, is so silent. “ye come of it.” Four people have been listening behind the door a long time. “Oh, we are not intentional.” Yan Lin Xuan look like a grinning, to conceal his innocence, while the other three came muffled his head. “Oh.” Lan, leaving four clown ah! I sigh. “Miyaji, you’re letting the boss and the woman married.” spend Seiitsu how think my heart is not comfortable, simply say perception hearts; “We do not use her ……” looks like a downward hand gestures. “since his kind invitation to me, of course, going up, not thin the emperor’s face.” God knows now how horrible my face, like a local Shura that. “I will prepare a gift for good.” we met smile, natural understanding of each other’s ideas. ‘Oh, emperor Laoer, you mess who is not good, but why mess with a ruler violated the taboo, you hope for the best of it. ‘Four people in mind to have a tacit understanding of meditation. blue recent lazy Oh, hey. If words like work, it quickly collections. phone Chapter 80 wedding eve If that dynasty is the most solemn ceremony in recent years, the festival extravagant luxury, but the Shing Temple first dynasty king and princess wedding even more fascinating, a symbol of elegant tulips, lily flowers siege, blood red wedding red roses paved road, glazed tile Huang Jinyu, there was a symbol of imperial power noblest ? golden holy chair, described as the most solemn centuries, but also the lively than the emperor’s wedding. messenger countries have not gone, there are other kingdoms Tory awaits in the next grand Posthouse. No doubt eyeing the crowd do not want the night to join dynasty palace, in front of the pilgrimage so that more powerful. Caravanserai, the prince and some other countries are anxious, Hong Yuan arrogant attitude not only makes them more so insulted their country, for these spoiled your son, how can endure. But only one of them still there savoring pilgrimage boutique “Tori, you do not worry how little.” One person really can not see passed. Rama countries also seem to not be the emperor’s favor, but they are still so leisurely Prince. Tory touch smart mouth mouth smile, is very deceptive. He slowly put down the cup, wiped his mouth drops elegant, appears to have been a good upbringing. “That man will not let go.” his gambling, festival day meet, just a moment, see real, that disdain for the world of men in the eyes of the domineering, spoiled for Yan, a man can not suppress possessive, and it flashed on I intended to kill. I know what that represents, an arrogance of the world of men, as if revealing look, why would easily let go? If so, your own heart will not sprout timely strangled in the cradle. He believed that the ink is not mortal night, and Yan Liu is also crucial to him. How can such a person would obey Hong Yuan it? “What people can Dide Guo Sheng Zhao emperor?” That man some teeth, and even more absurd then think Tory, “or think about how to please the old man as well.” Tori said nothing, selfserving. If he understands the smooth conduct of tomorrow will be more powerful Sheng Zhao, Hong Yuan strong ambition, how can we allow the existence of the small neighboring country, Rama would certainly be beyond the pale, Hong Yuan cavalry. But …… same man that God would allow it? messenger holding the hands of the countries national treasures, a pair reluctantly part of the look, but pull off a tribute, really sad. lively palace, Prince Princess are like Bi Ling gracious congratulations, gifts, natural and ultimately flattering words. Even the Queen has never and will come really important night of Mexican influence. while still in utero slept the night, the two intertwined figure even more excitement coming from the sanctuary blush breathing, and trembling excitement cheerful joyful sound, feel every nerve deep infected, kept beating, swaying branch flashing flickering candle light, wax candle holder under a layer filled with a layer, but there’s never a long shadow movement stopped. “Lan, stop, toss death of me.” Again, human actions can not. If sent to the person, the more deserved. This is with a heavy jealous, to celebrate the wedding of the son of a bitch, but he pulled the bed and could not stop the rut, over and over again to me, in the middle of a few have asked for him almost dizzy peace, and faint to go. Body dripping wet, really comfortable. body of people under my numerous complaints, finally had some reflection, his head buried in my collar, exhaled gas sprayed directly on my neck, and lead me shiver. Bury something in my body still refused to leave. “good weight, get up.” jealous I did not before, this guy’s Yan Fu did not light. But Lan sniffing around me my body fragrance, an intoxicated appearance, but unfortunately I did not see it. “Liu, tomorrow I do not want that woman together?” Tone is very poor, as if by a big grievance. instant I understand, Lan has extreme cleanliness, even in contact with other people, they would very uncomfortable, we must constantly bathed. Tomorrow …… “Oh ……” I kissed his back, smooth skin that once let me put it down. “I will not ……” or dawn sky, it sent a consort of intrauterine dress, bright red dress, like a beautiful sunset, temporarily put the most beautiful light. Pour Lan night wearing this enchanting colors like a Bloody Ashura, charm people, but with a deep poison “so beautiful.” My sincere praise regardless of gender, but the beauty of a pleasure. Red is also true, and my body to match. silver mask goes on in front of me had gone, my black hair Shu Qi, let heaven and earth pale face, and if it seems to let the world and will charm the world. I caressed this face, and my heart slowly mapping coincidence, he’s all I have been intercepted, and we are bound by that network called love. “so I ……” This is my turn to his parting words, never looked back eagerly look forward to. early dust, just slightly light, horse running in the Imperial City, the glazed tile walls, the lights in the palace, had tempted lonely, lively sound, spread to every corner of the capital. “masters.” Shame Los haggard looking at me a little nervous. I smiled, revealing a charm smile, “go into the Imperial City.” the palace without any token, there is no Queen Yizhi, only two of us, outside the walls of the palace and disappeared into the misty moonlight. ah, how do you say? Xi had also prepared a content and between family, came up with another plan, you may end up going to finish this imperial city, and some fast Oh hey blue hearts are very sad that this is the first written book, I was very excited Oh. phone wedding of a Chapter 81 night Miyagi ink and pilgrimage main night of the wedding is the first princess in the capital outside a specially built court held. Brilliant pavilion, eight dragon lying roof, only one less than Kowloon emperor. At this point intrauterine Wong Hou will phase dignitaries are to celebrate celebrate, and when emperor personally to preside over the wedding night can be described by Ron mighty ink. night ink be owned in the crowd holding dynasty palace next night out, if the stream followed behind, did not dare to have neglect. Fire red dress against the background of the sun, peach petal eyes, resolute chin, full lips, skin pure and noble, just one, let all the people memorable life. when the presence of the crowd recalled the scene, the obsession of his face just spit out the words: “absolute beauty.” That is what kind of America allow people forget, and when that overlooks both a red heaven and earth, earthquake Chaogang, all the people and cohesion that moment a long time, the kind of soulstirring beauty is so fit, they like the soul imprint as condensate to heart, if words can describe it, is only “the world the only double.” gong drum lively, noisy sound of pleasure, the night still face ink, silver mask is also suffused with a cold light, it all like a clown in front of him as acting. Can not help but think of yesterday’s lingering warmth that still exist in length, as well as Liu’s breath at least. She doing it? luxurious palace already packed with people, if the presence of the emperor, the order had nothing. That red figure between gradually into people’s eyeliner, above emperor was gradually relieved. The ink is the only one night, anxiously waiting for the emperor to let people get on. regal air pressure, icy contempt crowd, casually walk the halls, gimmicky version of play, which is to make people afraid of the world on the night of the Palace of the king. As long as he wants, and the emperor seat capability him how? noon yet to those tempted crowd, anxiously ink chatted with the night, hoping to take this high sticks upgrade themselves. have not went out to himself, if the flow was stopped in her tracks. Tory this time also the crowd, the only difference, in no hurry to climb relationship, but the man looked at the king’s mouth formed a chill. He suddenly smiled, and did not imagine today seems boring, Mexican night, and I look forward to your performance. “Mexican children, I had here.” Hong Yuan emperor said, the tone of how that kind of perfection fox like a rush, I hope to be able to master more than one charity. ink straight through the night, comparatively speaking, the night is more like ink dominate here, where the king. He did not speak, just a touch of Philip looked deep. “Mexican children, you see today’s wedding, whether it should allegiance dynasty dynasty palace that night?” Hong Yuan asked cautiously, afraid of this man in front of a hint of dissatisfaction. “the emperor, you do not think today I mention these things somewhat inappropriate wedding it?” Mexican night, although unhappy, but his mouth, deep smile, but such a person, more so Hong Yuan feel so horrible. “yes, yes I my humble opinion a.” Hong Yuan said, this looks really disgrace royal face. “emperor, noon to three is up, if you want to start.” its